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GCV Keystone is GCV Institute’s benchmarking platform designed to
offer current, deep data and insights on Corporate Venture operating
models and performance.

It provides CVC leadership and key parent stakeholders with external peer
and cross-sector reference points when critical decisions must be made
about program creation, expansion, or redirection.

New Programs

  • What are common CV program goals?
  • What should be the team construct, sourcing and compensation models?
  • What’s the right legal structure?
  • What governance model will balance strategic rigor and agility?
  • What’s the right starter fund size?
  • How do you talk about performance in the early days?

Established Programs

  • How should the CV operating model evolve to address team retention challenges?
  • What are industry trends regarding fund size beyond the initial allocation?
  • Should we take board seats and who should hold those seats?
  • How to categorize and measure strategic impact?
  • How to assess CVC financial performance relative to VC metrics?

Define what 'high-performance' means for your CVC program

One size does not fit all - filter current aggregate industry data to reflect your strategic and operational context

Relevancy Filters

Charter | Maturity Phase | Operating Model | Investment Focus | Region | Industry Sector

Investment Performance

  • Exit volume and value
  • Exit market significance
  • Portfolio value

Investment Activity

  • Deal volume and value
  • Sector leadership and influence
  • Syndicate partnerships

Strategic Impact

  • Corporate strategy influence
  • Parent engagement
  • Parent commercial impact

Organisation & Team

  • Innovative structure
  • Team quality and recognition
  • Ecosystem contributions

Explore solutions to answer those complicated 'it depends' questions

The GCV Keystone team can support your Corporate Venturing strategic and operational planning with:

Data Slice Reports

Filter aggregate industry data for relevance to your program.

Light Touch Advisory Reports

Align industry data with partner BMG analysis of operating model trends and representative peer profiles/cases.

Custom Research

Collaboratively develop new data sets.

Discover how our trusted data and CVC insights can support you

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